Katherine Woodfine and Julia Golding: Mystery Girls

img_0905 img_0884 img_0885

Inspired by Agatha Christie’s Crime Writers Club, Mystery and Mayhem is an anthology created by a group of twelve current authors of children’s mystery stories. I absolutely loved this book, as you can tell from the review I wrote for The Guardian Children’s Books website here: Mystery and Mayhem Review

I was delighted when I found out that this year the Bath KidsLit Festival, which I have visited each year since I was 8, would be featuring an event entitled Mystery Girls with Katherine Woodfine and Julia Golding. The event was every bit as thrilling as I anticipated!

Both authors talked about their inspirations, including the suspenseful detective novels that they had read, snippets of unusual conversations that they had overheard and interesting historical facts that they had discovered. They told us how they go about the process of writing a new book and what they do when they are faced with a blank page. Julia Golding showed us her special bag with four writing prompts inside, and a book which she had written when she was still at school! At the end of the talk they tested the audience with a fun quiz about fictional detectives!

One of the many books that Katherine Woodfine recommended was The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, which she described as being one of the inspirations for The Jewelled Moth, I am now determined to read it myself. I am so grateful that Katherine and Julia gave up their time to talk to young readers, I found it so interesting to listen to them and I think it helps me to become a better reader. Finally, they both kindly signed my Mystery and Mayhem book, adding their signatures to Robin Stevens’, whose signature I collected earlier this summer (Robin Stevens a la Ronde blogpost), I now only have 9 more to collect in this book!!


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