Blink and You Die (Ruby Redfort 6) by Lauren Child

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I read the first Ruby Redfort book five years ago, on the day it was published. On 8th October the sixth and final book was released. There is something quite sad about leaving the series that has been my companion for a large part of my childhood, so for once I lingered over the story, making sure I appreciated all the final twists in the tale.

In case you haven’t encountered Ruby Redfort before, she is a 13 year old with a brilliant mathematical brain and a great repertoire of wisecracks. In the first book she was recruited by the spy agency Spectrum 8 and each book sees her facing mortal danger head-on. The entire six book series has spanned a period of 7 months in Ruby’s life, which I really like as each book picks up where the last one finished.

As with the previous books, this one relies on Ruby using one of her senses to crack the case in front of her; but this being the sixth book, the “sense” is ESP. Throughout this book, our heroine Ruby feels a sense of unease. Lauren Child totally captures this feeling and I read the book with a growing sense of foreboding. The pace is fairly steady until the last 100 pages when the action goes into overdrive and there are many twists and turns leaving you unsure who you are rooting for! I don’t want to write any more about the plot because I would hate to put in any spoilers for fellow fans of the series.

In conclusion this book (and the whole series) are essential reading for any fans of the child spy/adventure category of books. I hope that Lauren Child continues to write MG/YA books as I have loved everything that she has written to date.


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