Wild Wolves, Wonderful Authors, Sketching and Meeting a Long Distance Mentor at Guardian Live

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Guardian Live Children’s Book Event at the Unicorn Theatre in London, it was a spectacularly wonderful day!


First, wild wolves and two wonderful authors! This is the second book event where I have listened to Katherine Rundell talking about her inspirations and research behind The Wolf Wilder, and honestly I could listen to her talking about her art many more times. It is no surprise that she writes such brilliant novels when you hear about all the ingredients she uses to bring them to life. Katherine went to meet a real wolf which had been reared in captivity in Wales, while William Grill, the second author, had stayed for a week in a wolf sanctuary in New Mexico before writing his illustrated book The Wolves of Currumpaw. 

Next we were treated to a drawing class by William. We had to rapidly sketch the most wonderfully behaved guide dog called Kika, we only had 30 seconds to try to capture Kika’s image using bold strokes with a pencil or charcoal. It was very enjoyable and certainly helped me gain confidence with my drawing!

This brings me on to the third author, who is a fantastic illustrator herself, Lauren Child. If you have read my previous blog post you will know that Lauren’s series about the girl spy Ruby Redfort has been one of my favourite reads throughout my childhood so it was brilliant to hear Lauren talking about the whole series now that it has come to an end. I am inspired to crack the code on the bookspines of the hardback books as Lauren told me that the clues I will need are in the final book!

Finally, meeting a mentor! It was such a pleasure to finally meet Emily Drabble, with whom I had so much email correspondence when she was editor of The Guardian Children’s Books website. She was as lovely in person as I imagined she would be and I will always be grateful to her for encouraging me with my book reviewing.

The event was an exciting start to my half term, and I would like to thank everyone who was involved in its organisation. I would also encourage everyone to try to attend an event where authors talk about their books, they are always utterly fascinating!


My review of The Wolf Wilder can be seen here.



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