Books and Lego


At school this year I have been given the opportunity to learn a new skill as a part of the Year 8 Extended Study project. I chose to combine my existing love of books with investigating Lego Stop-Frame animation.

When I started the project in October, I planned to create storyboards of the key scenes from some of my favourite books and then film them as short Lego movies; originally I though I might manage about 5 book adaptations and then have time to experiment with other forms of animating. Of course, since then I have learnt just how time consuming it is to create just a few minutes of movie with stop-frame (not to mention how long it took to sort out the family Lego collection which had been carefully scrambled and deposited in two huge plastic boxes!!)

Anyway, I have recently completed two short films, posted them on YouTube and had some positive feedback from friends and family. It now seems to be a good time to show them to the wider world, I know they are not super professional but I hope they give an indication of how much I love these books.

You can watch “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Under 3 Minutes” here


“The Wolf Wilder in Under 3 Minutes” here


I am currently filming “Strange Star in Under 3 Minutes”,  I ideally hope to complete it during this half-term.

I hope you enjoy these as an alternative to the conventional book review.


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